Past photo exhibitions

Masaaki Aihara Photo exhibition
STAR SNOW STEEL ~Train at night~

July 2018
I began shoot photography in Australia in 2018, this year will be 30 years. In the year of that milestone, we will hold an exhibition of railway photographs that made me the starting point for starting photography. It will be my first solo exhibition as a railway photo exhibition. This time we mainly use the fantastic railroad as a motif for winter nights. In the digital age, high sensitivity AF etc etc, it became possible to take a picture of a world that could not be thought out in the film era. When I was a student, when I was photographing railroad photographs, the world of night that film could not take low sensitivity. It was fantastic and, if anything, I wanted to express the galaxy railroad's worldwide stuff.

The exhibition place of my exhibition this time is local lines of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Hokuriku, Shikoku. My legwork for 40 years. In my exhibition this time, I am a photo exhibition as an amateur railway fan. It is a group of works out of the power of a little shoulder at the photo exhibition that I want to enjoy myself. We are looking forward to seeing you at the evening by all means feeling the journey of the railroad in the night.

06th July 2018 to 12 th July 2018

FUJIPHOTO Gallery Ginza

Success GINZA first building 4F Ginza1-2-4 Chuou-ku Tokyo

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20th July 2018 -26th July 2018
FUJI Photo Salon Oosaka

Metlife Bluding Garnd floor
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Phone 06-6205-8000

Nearrest station
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