Past photo exhibitions

Un Autre〜Paris Light and Shadow Gourmand~
Ginza Gallery ,Shashinkosha

27th Mar 2020 to 2nd Apr
In the 1980s, I was really thinking of going to Paris because I wanted to go to the Paris-Dakar Rally. I now stood in Paris for the first time in January 2019, when that dream doesn't come true. The purpose of my trip is to see the architecture of Le Corbusier, to experience the light of Paris that Bresson and Doano loved, and to see the structural beauty of the Eiffel Tower taken by Lucien Herve. And above all, it was to enjoy gourmet food. I felt light and landed in Paris as if a bird had fallen down. But the winter light showed us why Paris captivated people. He also showed us the cheerful side of the Parisians, who are said to be a little biased. And above all, the collaboration of light, structure, and life aroused the desire to photograph. The architecture of Le Corbusier that I saw in the light and life of Paris. I felt that I could understand the translation of the design a little. Villa Savoye stands on a hill of fresh snow. It was just like I was waiting for me to come to shoot. I thought my heart was completely satisfied with the dynamic light of the Australian wilderness and the tense light of the Rakugo world of traditional performing arts in Japan. But my heart is full of lust and curiosity, and my camera says that the light that fills the lens is a substitute (Un Autre). This time, we will hold a photo exhibition of light gained from such a journey of heart and curiosity. My shooting this time is done with the FUJIFILM X series, which I have been accustomed to traveling for many years, and the printing will be all monochrome baryta paper printing by Shashin Kosha's original RAMUDA print system.