Past photo exhibitions

Katachi - In & Out -
Pictorico Gallery Omotesandou, Tokyo

Jan 2021
The title of the photo exhibition will be Katachi -In & Out-, all monochrome works taken in Australia and Japan. Basically, it is a monochrome work centered on a standard lens and is based on the vertical position. So to speak, it is a group of works that return to the origin as my photographer. My Australian works focused on the form of beauty created by nature, which I found in nature. It's easy to be fascinated by the magnificent landscape in that area, but I focused on the basic motifs that make up the dynamic landscape. My group of works in Japan this time was Korona-ka, and from the period of Stay Home, the form of the beauty of natural materials such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers that exist in everyday life taken in the indoor studio. This photo exhibition is a contrast between these two works. Australia and Japan In the wilderness and in the studio, natural light and artificial light Eternal time and everyday time. A natural state and a state with a sense of crisis. In these two worlds, even if the surrounding environment changes, my view of the world is always unchanged. I wanted to express it. And taking a picture while heading to the after-corona while going back and forth between the two contrasting worlds (In & Out) is, in a sense, always taking pictures with a fresh stimulus. Taking a picture of Japan with the perspective and feelings I took in the wilderness of Australia I took a picture of Australia with the perspective and world view cultivated in Japan where I was born and raised. Continuing to create works while going in and out of two different worlds By repeating In & Out, new stimuli and world views are constantly opened. This is a photo exhibition with such a concept. And in the scourge of the coronavirus thought that always taking pictures and always presenting works is to energize myself, society, and the world. And I hope it will be a vaccine for the hearts of those who see it with the power of photography. Please take your time and enjoy the new Aihara World